We Won


We are so happy to tell you that our "I Met Messiah" 

video project, made in conjunction with Chosen People

Ministries, has won an international award!

National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) present awards for

excellence in Christian media each year, and it was a great

honor to be recognized at that level. However, NRB rightly

point out that this recognition is not a priority for us serving

God through media, but an encouragement to

aspire to greater excellence, for His glory. It's amazing how far

God's message can travel through today's media, and we are

delighted to be able to take His word from Zion to all the people

of Israel, and beyond.


Here's one of the latest testimonies in our

I MET MESSIAH video project: 


As a Jew, Mr. Gabizon struggled between Judaism and

Christianity, until he took it to his rabbi only to realize

the most shocking truth!

The rabbi told me, 

"There are mysteries that I don't understand."

His silence spoke volumes to me… I knew

I was into something really deep.




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