One in Messiah – Joint gathering of believers from the region of Judah and beyond

Howard Bass 

Jan 21, 2019

On January 12, we conducted a joint Shabbat service with congregations and believers from around the region of the Tribe of Judah, and beyond. The gathering was initiated by Tom Hess, with our congregation, Nachalat Yeshua, handling most of the logistics and equipment needed, acting as hosts, so to speak. As some of you may know, the borders of Israel in the Bible do not extend to Mitzpe Ramon and Eilat, for example, if we accept the prescribed borders described by the LORD to the prophet Ezekiel in ch. 47 (at least, as I understand them now). But we did have believers come up for the service as far as Eilat in the south, from Arad in the east, from Sderot, Ashkelon, and Ashdod in the west, and from Bethlehem in the north!

Yes, we had four Arab brothers join us, being that Bethlehem is part of Judah. Two of the brothers were from Gaza, but moved to Bethlehem some years ago as Hamas took more control in Gaza.  Another of the brothers told me that his father used to live in Beer Sheva, and went to a Sonday school operated by the Christian and Missionary Alliance back in the ’50s and early ’60s. I took him to where Yeshua’s Inheritance Cong meets today, which is where the school operated from in those early years. Jewish children were not allowed to go to the school, because the religious authorities forbade the parents from sending them there. Understandable, if regrettable. About 400 gathered together from around the region.  Obviously there are more than 400 believers in the area, but not all came, and not all congregations participated. But for those who did, it was a time of encouragement, and for looking ahead to the breakthroughs that the Lord will yet do in our cities and region towards the salvation of many more souls through repentance and faith in the gospel “today”, and towards the salvation of ‘all Israel’ at the end of the age. 

Please pray with us for spiritual breakthroughs, including the State of Israel allowing more Jewish believers to immigrate to Israel, and for Jews from Spain who may be descendants of Jews who were forced to convert to Christianity during the time of the Inquisition, and find it difficult to immigrate now that they discover that they are also Jewish.

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