Dr. Erez Soref, President of ONE FOR ISRAEL 

Acts is a very exciting book to read. It is full of miracles, tremendous growth, and powerful stories of love, devotion and fellowship among the disciples of Yeshua. However, there was also severe persecution happening at the same time. Persecution of God's people often accompanies great strides forward in the Kingdom of God, as we are currently experiencing. 


Our media team members who are very much in the public eye have been experiencing a significant amount of trouble from some Orthodox Jews incensed by the videos we are making. Eitan, Moti and Anastasia have all received threatening phone calls, and Eitan in particular has been singled out for attack, along with his wife and family. Eitan explains the situation in the video below:



Amazingly, a news channel in Israel saw this video and got in touch with Eitan. They loved the video and want to make a news item with us on the matter. That's great news and another opportunity for more gospel exposure!

Indeed, just as the persecution that scattered the early believers only served to take the gospel further afield, so this attempt to silence our evangelism is just bringing the message of Yeshua to an even wider audience. Praise God!









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